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MicroGlass Protect: New Pools

4,000 Sq. Ft. Commercial Pool Protected by MicroGlass

This 4,000 square foot commercial pool was protected by MicroGlass after a replaster. The plaster was troweled over the course of 2 days, and MicroGlass was applied after final set of the last section. Because MicroGlass delivers water to the plaster matrix, the surface did not craze-crack even though the pool was not filled right away. 

MicroGlass Protect: New Pools

Commercial Aqua-Tots Swim School Protection

Guess who is not getting a call-back for plaster related complaints on this commercial pool? Big shoutout to Love Your Pool AZ LLC for their first MicroGlass project on this replaster at an indoor Aqua-tots Swim School in AZ! Loved to hear how MicroGlass helped cut the plaster dust and simplify the startup. B/c MicroGlass also densifies the plaster microstructure, this one-time treatment will also protect the pool plaster from future damage usually caused by the harsh chemical levels in commercial pools!!

MicroGlass Protect: New Pools

From Craze Cracking to Beautiful Pool!

This Premier Pools Builder in Illinois had a bad craze crack situation due to high heat. Luckily this brand new blue quartz finish was treated with MicroGlass. You won’t believe the results. 


microglass prolong: Existing Pools

MicroGlass Pool Rescue on Residential Pool

Calcium leeching led to spot etching and calcium nodules on this 10-year-old residentialmarcite pool and spa. Swings in water chemistry led to heavy scaling, and algae growth—all badly damaging the finish. Due to the long-term damage, this homeowner was quoted a high price for a replaster.

microglass prolong: Existing Pools

MicroGlass Prolongs the Life of Pools at Luxury 5 Star Resort

This exposed aggregate finish wasbadly stained and full of loose rock due to wear and chemical abuse. The surface was also full of dark gray rings on the surfacealong with calcium nodules. Check out how MicroGlass saved this luxary 5-star resort thousands of dollars!



MicroGlass Prolong: Existing Pools

MicroGlass Revives Residential Pool

This residential backyard pool has lived a good life. However, 12 years of harsh weather, plus a rough regiment of chemical maintenance led to a rough surface and unsightly stains. 

MicroGlass Prolong: Existing Pools

Craze Crack Pool Rescue

14 days after fill, this new Quartz Pool & Spa Combo was craze cracking… badly.  The homeowner was unhappy that their brand-new investment did not look quite how they expected.

After a slow fill with low-calcium fill-water from the home hose, Calcium Hydroxide began leeching from the finish. Calcium Hydroxide then highlighted the craze cracks on both the top stairs of the Pool (Left) and the Spa stair and bench (Right). Check out how MicroGlass minimized the craze cracks!

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