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Many of our clients have been using MicroGlass for 15 years or more. (You may recognize some of these people as well-known experts in the swimming pool construction, remodeling and plaster/pebble industries.)

testimonials from Pool Companies


““I have not had a single call-back for plaster related issues on any of the 200+ pools I have treated with MicroGlass. MicroGlass is now standard issue on all our new builds and remodels in Florida.” 

Ben Evans
Owner, American Pools & Spas
Orlando, FL

“We plaster thousands of pools every year. So naturally, we’ve had our fair share of challenges with etching, spalling and color loss. When we use MicroGlass, those problems are gone for good!”

Alan Smith
President, Alan Smith Pools
Past President, National Plasterers Council

Premier Pools & Spas, Gulf Coast

“Even when a client has a difficult time maintaining the pool chemistry, MicroGlass give us that much extra freedom, so we come out the winner. We are on pace to do over 300 interiors this year and MicroGlass is now standard on all projects.” 

Cameron Rhodes
Owner, Premier Pools & Spas Gulf Coast
Fairhope, AL

Swimming Pool Contractor - Blue Diamond Pools

 “MicroGlass works!  I’ve been in the pool plaster industry for 50 years and have always hoped for a product like this.” 

Bob Chandler
Owner of Blue Diamond Pool Plaster
Redding, CA

“I’ve been using the MicroGlass product our new pools since 2002. We’ve done hundreds of pools this way, and never had to go back and redo the plaster. 

David Palmer
Owner, Palmer Marble and Tile
West Palm Beach, FL

Testimonials from Homeowners

“I got into the water and I know this instantly, my feet told me the difference, the bottom of the pool, simply tabletop smooth…”

Pool owner Long Beach, CA

“We had thousands of nodules on our pool. It felt like sandpaper on your feet! The plaster company would sand them off, but then they would come back three weeks later. Then they applied MicroGlass, and now we don’t have any. Problem solved!”

Brian K.
Homeowner / Pool owner; San Juan Capistrano

Interviews with the Pool Guy


Testimonials from Pool industry experts

“…You can save a lot of money on the acid, MicroGlass is amazing stuff… I will be using this product… a big shoutout to Randy Beard and Alan Smith…”

John Stankus
Owner of Keep It Clean Pool Service

MicroGlass is a total game changer, especially for the service industry. You ask any pool professional who’s tried it (including me), and they swear it’s a night and day difference. I see a day soon when MicroGlass will be the standard for all new pool plaster, all replasters, and every acid-wash going forward.”

Randy Beard
Owner of Pure Water Pools And “Ask The Masters” Podcaster

“I like that the ‘dusting’ and microcracking after applying new plaster has virtually gone away. But what I REALLY like is that after 30 years, we finally found a cure that strengthens the cement paste in our quartz and pebble finishes. MicroGlass greatly reduces pigment loss, color masking, and chemical damage on exposed aggregate finishes!”

Loren Granstrom,
Director, Wet Edge Technology (now president of MicroGlass LLC)

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