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MicroGlass Product Overview

Learn more about how MicroGlass works


How MicroGlass Solves Common Plaster Problems


Why Builders Trust MicroGlass

MicroGlass for New Pools

Application examples and benefit to treating your new pool with MicroGlass


Application Overview: 
New Pools & Spas


MicroGlass Application on Replasterd Commercial Pool with White Plaster


MicroGlass Application on Residential Pool with New Pebble Finish


MicroGlass Benefit on New Commercial Startup


MicroGlass Project Recap
Overview- New Polished Finish


MicroGlass 4,000 Sq. Ft. Commercial Application


MicroGlass Project Recap
Overview- New Pebble Finish


Standard Start-Up vs MicroGlass Start-Up

MicroGlass For Existing Pools

MicroGlass works great on existing pools, too. Check out these videos for some install examples


Application Overview:
Existing Pools & Spas


Existing Pools: 
Prep & Application Examples


Existing Plaster Project:
Start to Finish


Surface Neutralization: following Acid Wash


Existing Pools:
18 Year Old Quartz Pool


MicroGlass Protects Luxury 5 Star Resort, Palm Beach FL


MicroGlass Project Recap: Residential Pool Revival


MicroGlass Project Recap: Pool Rescue w/ Premier Pools of L.A


MicroGlass Project Recap:
24 Year Old Plaster

MicroGlass Application How To:

Here are some examples of MicroGlass being applied to new or existing finishes


How To: MicroGlass on New or Existing Pools & Spas


How To Example: MicroGlass On New Pebble Finish (Part 1)


How To Example: MicroGlass on New Pebble Finish (Part 2)


How To Example: MicroGlass on 18 year Old Quartz Pool


Surface Neutralization:
Following Acid Wash Exposure Or Acid Wash Cleaning


FAQ: MicroGlass & Colored Plaster

MicroGlass Testimonials

Find out what real users are saying about MicroGlass and how this game-changing technology is reducing common problems and saving time and money!


Commercial Pool Start-up Testimonial - Darren Laue, H2O Leak Detection


MicroGlass rescued this homeowner’s pool - Homeowner


Why this Pool Remodel & Repair Company added MicroGlass to their service offering - Josh Parrot, Parrott Pools


Part 1: Pool Service Tech Discusses why he loves MicroGlass: John Stankus, Keep it Clean Pool Service


Part 2: Calcium levels solid after 6 months! - John Stankus, Keep it Clean Pool Service


MicroSetNCure – Non-Calcium Admix for plaster, quartz and Pebble finishes. Add at the time of batching to improve color distribution, reduce craze cracks, and produce more even exposure. 

Introducing MicroSetNCure

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