Prolong & Protect the life of Plaster, Quartz, & Pebble Finishes

Here's where to Use MicroGlass…

When Applied to Plaster, Quartz or Pebble Finishes MicroGlass Will:

Minimize surface etching, spalling, plaster dust, calcium nodules and color-loss.

Dramatically increase the hardness and color-fastness of existing plaster.

Minimize interactions between plaster and chemicals in the water.

Reduce efflorescence.

Simplify Pool start-up labor and chemical demands.

Swimming Pool Water Impact on Concrete

What Users Say About Microglass…

The Science Behind MicroGlass…

Here's Why MicroGlass does what no other plaster treatment can do…

Imagine penetrating virtually every micro-crack, capillary, and void in a plaster or exposed interior finish, and converting the soft calcium hydroxide into a glass-like silicate substance….

THAT’S the Magic of MicroGlass! 

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