A Pool Plaster Preservation 
and Renewal System Unlike Any Other.

Here's where to Use MicroGlass…

When applied to Pool Plaster, Aggregates, Decks, or Masonry, MicroGlass will:

Minimize surface etching, spalling, plaster dust, calcium nodules and color-loss.

Dramatically increase the hardness and color-fastness of existing plaster.

Minimize interactions between plaster and chemicals in the water.

Minimize / stop efflorescence on plaster, decks, pavers and more.

Greatly simplify and reduce post-plaster start-up labor and chemical demands.

Swimming Pool Water Impact on Concrete

What Users Say About Microglass…

“I've used the MicroGlass product on our new pools since 2002. We've done hundreds of pools this way, and never had to go back and redo the plaster.”

David Palmer

President, Palmer Marble & Tile

“We had thousands of nodules on our pool. It felt like sandpaper on your feet! The plaster company would sand them off, but then they would come back three weeks later. Then they applied MicroGlass, and now we don’t have any. Problem solved!”

Brian K.

Homeowner / Pool owner; San Juan Capistrano

“I like that the ‘dusting’ and microcracking after applying new plaster has virtually gone away. But what I REALLY like is that after 30 years, we finally found a cure for those annoying calcium nodules. When we apply MicroGlass, we don't have to fight those nodules anymore.”

Loren Granstrom

Director, Wet Edge Technology (now president of MicroGlass LLC)

“We plaster thousands of pools every year. So naturally, we've had our fair share of challenges with etching, spalling, nodules, color loss, and even start-up water chemistry. Fortunately whenever we use MicroGlass, those problems are GONE!”

Alan Smith

President, Alan Smith Pools Past President, National Plasterers Council

“MicroGlass is a total game changer - especially for the service industry. You ask any pool professional who's tried it (including me), and they swear it's a night and day difference. I see a day soon when MicroGlass will be the standard for all new pool plaster, all replasters, and every acid-wash going forward.”

Randy Beard

Owner of Pure Water Pools And “Ask The Masters” Podcaster

The Science Behind MicroGlass…

Here's Why MicroGlass does what no other plaster treatment can do…

Imagine penetrating virtually every micro-crack, capillary, and void in a plaster or aggregate interior finish (or virtually any other any other cement product), and converting the soft calcium hydroxide into a glass-like silicate substance….

THAT’S the Magic of MicroGlass! 

Try It For Yourself!

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