Industry Leading Pool Finish Protection - MicroGlass

Industry Leading Pool Finish Protection

Prolong and protect the life of plaster, quartz & pebble finishes

MicroGlass Protect

MicroGlass for New Pool Finishes

MicroGlass is a fast-acting protective spray for new or newly remodeled pools. Adding this final-step to your next pool project is a great way to extend the life of the interior finish and reduce common problems like discoloration, craze-cracking, etching, and plaster dust!

Pool Builders, Remodelers & Plaster Applicators

MicroGlass performs as a protective curing agent on new plaster, quartz, and pebble interior finishes! MicroGlass reduces craze-cracking, discoloration, and calcium extraction—which stronger and healthier pool finishes– with less plaster dust, pH swings at startup, and less call backs!

New Pool Owners (Residential or Commercial)

Protect your new pool investment with MicroGlass! MicroGlass defends your pool from cosmetic issues like color-loss and cracking and makes future stains and scale-buildup easier to clean! And best of all– MicroGlass extends the service life of your pool!

microglass prolong

MicroGlass For Existing Pool Finishes

Has father time and pool chemicals done a number on your pool? Stop the damage with MicroGlass and prolong the service life of your pool with MicroGlass!

Service Companies

The pool is already drained after your clean or pool service. Easily apply MicroGlass to prolong to service life of your customer’s pool for a fraction of the cost of a remodel!

Existing Pool Owners

Does your pool need a refresh but maybe you are not ready for that replaster?

Let a pool professional reinvigorate your pool with MicroGlass to stop the fading and damage caused by pool water and chemicals! And if a replaster is in your future—MicroGlass is a smart choice for protecting your aquatic investment!

MicroGlass in Action Against Harsh Pool Chemicals

Watch how MicroGlass reduces discoloration by protecting the pigmented cement paste in this exposed aggregate sample

Watch how MicroGlass fortifies and protects the cement paste around this exposed aggregate sample during this harsh aggressive demonstration!

Testimonials From Pool Industry Experts