Folsom CA Pool - MicroGlass

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microglass prolong

Folsom CA Pool

pool age

2011 (12 years old at time of MicroGlass Project)


Folsom, CA

finish type

White Quartz

MicroGlass Applicator & Reseller

Parrott Pools, Sacramento CA-- Pool Builder & Renovation Company

project overview

This residential backyard pool has lived a good life. However, 12 years of harsh weather, plus a rough regiment of chemical maintenance led to a rough surface and unsightly stains.
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after microglass application

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after fill and startup

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The MicroGlass Solution

After the pool was drained it was given a tile clean, polish, acid wash and a sodium bicarbonate rinse. MicroGlass was then applied. The pool was then filled in 4-6 hours and started up like normal.

Immediate Benefits & Long-Term MicroGlass Benefits:

A replaster would have set this homeowner back $12,500-$19,000 depending on the type of finish they wanted. For a fraction of the cost, MicroGlass the homeowner’s backyard pool was revived and strengthened with MicroGlass for years of additional service life and enjoyment. This pool chemistry will be easier to maintain, and in the event the pool chemistry gets out of hand again, the water and chemicals will be much less likely to damage the finish!

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