Craze Crack Pool Rescue - MicroGlass

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Craze Crack Pool Rescue

pool age

25 Days (at time of project in Summer 2022)


Southern, CA

finish type

Colored Quartz

MicroGlass Applicator & Reseller

Pool Service Company

project overview

14 days after fill, this new Quartz Finish Pool (Left) and Spa (Right) was craze cracking. The homeowner was unhappy that their brand-new investment did not look quite how they expected. They demanded a replaster. After a slow fill with low-calcium fill-water from the home hose, Calcium Hydroxide began leeching from the finish. Calcium Hydroxide then highlighted the craze cracks on both the top stairs of the Pool (Left) and the Spa stair and bench (Right)

The MicroGlass Solution

Unfortunately, the contractor did not use MicroGlass on the fresh Quartz of this Pool and Spa combo before fill— which would have prevented the craze cracking from occurring in the first place. 

Fortunately, MicroGlass also works on existing finishes to stop calcium leeching and reduce the visibility of craze-cracks after they appear. To demonstrate the power of MicroGlass, the Spa (Right) was drained, lightly acid washed and neutralized with a bicarb rinse. It was then treated with MicroGlass and refilled. Then the photo above was taken. 

Immediate & Long-Term MicroGlass Benefits:

MicroGlass converts the soft Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] into a form of glass called Calcium Silicate Hydrate [C-S-H]. MicroGlass makes craze cracks virtually invisible because they have been filled with C-S-H. Take a closer look at the top-step of the untreated Pool (Left) and the MicroGlass treated Spa (Right). Notice any craze cracks on the Spa (Right)? Neither does the Contractor and neither does the homeowner. Another Day. Another MicroGlass Pool Rescue. 

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