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MicroGlass Residential 
Pool Rescue

Pool Cleaned & MicroGlass Applied

pool age

10 year old existing finish


Long Beach, CA

finish type

Traditional Plaster

MicroGlass Applicator & Reseller

Alan Smith Pools, Orange CA - Pool Renovation Company

project overview

Calcium leeching led to spot etching and calcium nodules on this residential 10-year-old plaster pool and spa. To add to the problems, swings in water chemistry led to heavy scaling, and algae growth—all badly damaging the finish. Due to the long-term damage, this homeowner was quoted a costly replaster.

Spa before draining, cleaning, and MicroGlass
Pool before draining, cleaning,
and MicroGlass
Draining pool for cleaning and MicroGlass service
Example of water clarity before service and MicroGlass treatment
Pool before draining, cleaning
and MicroGlass

The MicroGlass Solution

For a fraction of the cost of the replaster, the homeowner allowed a MicroGlass service company to drain the pool, acid wash and neutralize the surface, and sand the calcium nodules and heavy scaling.

The only issue then was to then protect the badly compromised surface from allowing the same issues to return.

After the service, MicroGlass was then applied to prolong the life of the pool and protect the surface from further damage. To date, the issues have not returned, and the homeowner is thrilled at the shape of his family pool. 

after microglass application

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after fill and startup

see the results

Immediate Benefits

MicroGlass helps protects the newly polished and serviced finish. The homeowner boasts of a revived smooth surface, better water clarity, and easier chemical maintenance—all without needing a replaster. 

Long Term Benefits

After review of the MicroGlass treated finish, the Pool Service company estimates an additional 10 years of enjoyment from the pool before requiring a re-plaster.

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