Commercial Aqua-Tots Swim School Protection - MicroGlass

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microglass protect

Commercial Aqua-Tots
Swim School Protection

Pool Age

Brand new replaster


Phoenix, AZ

finish type

Smooth Troweled White Plaster

MicroGlass Applicator & Reseller

Love Your Pool AZ, LLC – Pool Builder and Remodeler

project overview

Guess who is not getting a call-back for plaster related complaints on this commercial pool? Big shoutout to Love Your Pool AZ LLC for their first MicroGlass project on this replaster at an indoor Aqua-tots Swim School in AZ! Loved to hear how MicroGlass helped cut the plaster dust and simplify the startup. B/c MicroGlass also densifies the plaster microstructure, this one-time treatment will also protect the pool plaster from future damage usually caused by the harsh chemical levels in commercial pools!!

About the MicroGlass Install

Given the size of this project, the contractor used a battery-powered airless paint-sprayer (as seen in some of these photos). This inexpensive pump was purchased from a big-box hardware store, was quickly assembled.

Immediate & Long-Term MicroGlass Benefits:

The MicroGlass benefits were immediately seen at startup. On this project, the 4,000 sq. ft. pool was replastered, as well as a smaller wader pool. The wader pool did not receive a MicroGlass treatment. The table below outlines the differences between the initial readings after the pools were allowed to fill from the same source. Because the main pool was protected by MicroGlass, this commercial property owner will get more longevity out of the finish, and less damage caused by aggressive water chemistry used in the commercial pool environment.

Startup Characteristic

4,000 Sq. Ft. Main Pool
(with MicroGlass)

(No MicroGlass)

Plaster Dust



Total Alkalinity



Calcium Hardness



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Works great both on Residential and Commercial Pools.