Where to use it - MicroGlass

Industry Leading Pool Finish Protection.

where to use microglass

MicroGlass hardens the weak elements in both new and existing Pool & Spa finishes--making it the ultimate pool protection!

Everyone loves the creative flexibility of gunite/concrete swimming pools, in large part because the plaster, quartz and pebble interiors are so stunningly beautiful.

But the natural porosity of these interior finishes allow chemical reactions between the plaster and the pool water, which plays havoc with the water chemistry and pool maintenance. In many cases, these interactions will produce seriously undesirable effects in the finish, such as etching, spalling, micro-cracking, color loss, calcium nodule growth, and cloudy water from new plaster dust.

for use on:

All Types of New or Existing Pool & Spa Interior Finishes Including:





For New Pools: Builders & Plaster Applicators

Spray apply MicroGlass to protect your work and safeguard your customer’s finish. MicroGlass is your guardian to reduce:
Note: MicroGlass protects your interior finish but will not correct a poor plaster job. Before applying MicroGlass, ensure your finish is acceptable to you and your customer.

Existing Pools: Pool Service Professionals

MicroGlass is the ultimate tool to prolong the service life of existing pools.

Is there still life left in your customer’s finish but maybe they’re battling surface masking, calcium buildup, wild water chemistry swings, or fading color? Help your customer protect their investment by offering MicroGlass after these types of standard services:

A Pebble Pool undergoing a scale-removing polish prior to MicroGlass Application.

The MicroGlass Benefits

Reinforced Strength

MicroGlass converts the soft calcium in your finish into a hardened compound. This conversion fortifies your pool’s Plaster, Quartz, or Pebble Finish– extending its lifespan and durability.

Chemical Defense

Pool chemicals make it safe for you and your family to swim. But did you know they also destroy your finish? MicroGlass minimizes chemical damage on and within your pool finish and reduces the natural degradation caused by salt, acid, and chlorine.

Color Preservation

MicroGlass strengthens the pigmented cement within your pool finish. Strengthening your pigmented cement in your pool finish also safeguard from color loss– keeping your pool visually stunning and vibrant.

Simplify Cleaning

With MicroGlass protection, future surface stains become easier to clean with chemicals or brushing. 

Improve Rock Adhesion

MicroGlass hardens the cement that holds your pebble and quartz in place.

Simplified Start-up

We recommend following the NPC startup guidelines. However, keep in mind, your calcium levels will balance much more quickly with MicroGlass.

When is MicroGlass NOT recommended for existing pool or spa?

If the pool plaster is seriously damaged, and clearly due for replacement, MicroGlass won’t fix that. However, if there is still some usable life in the pool or spa, the MicroGlass treatment will give you noticeably more life than the simple acid wash alone.

If Calcium Chloride Set accelerators were used on your new pool, see these instructions for how to properly apply MicroGlass.

MicroGlass reacts with the soft calcium in an existing finish. If the pool finish is soft, flaking, or has excessive pebble loss, the pool finish may be too deteriorated for MicroGlass to work. In these situations, we recommend the pool be resurfaced and then protected by MicroGlass to reduce future damage.