Breakers Palm Beach - MicroGlass

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Breakers Luxury 5 Star

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Palm Beach, FL

finish type

White finish with pebble aggregate

MicroGlass Applicator & Reseller

Palmer Marble & Tile in West Palm Beach FL—pool builder and renovation company

project overview

MicroGlass was applied in 2020 to protect the finishes of 3 existing Pools at The Breakers, a Luxury 5 Star Resort in Palm Beach, FL. The exposed aggregate finishes of Breakers’ pools were badly stained and full of loose rock due to wear and chemical abuse. There was also presence of several dark gray rings on the surface (where most likely signs of hydration issues), along with calcium nodules.
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after microglass application

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The MicroGlass Solution

For a fraction of the cost of the replaster, the MicroGlass was applied after the pools were drained, repaired, and cleaned.

Long Term Benefits

MicroGlass reinvigorated the cement-paste of the Breakers Pools with a penetrative hardening agent. Strengthening the cement matrix that holds the pebble in place reduced rock loss and improved colorfastness of the white cement matrix. Notice how vibrant and clear the water looks of the MicroGlass treated pool.

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Works great both on Residential and Commercial Pools.